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Savory Parmesan Chicken and Spaghetti

When I want chicken and pasta I definitely crave something in a white sauce as a opposed to a red and something that is truly chicken parmelicious as opposed to the kind doused in red sauce and mozzarella carrying the name "chicken parm" - still good, but not as good. This recipe tastes a lot richer than it actually is (especially if you use lower fat milk - see below) because it relies on parmesan cheese and garlic to give a lot of the flavor and neither is terrible for you (the garlic is actually really good for you).

Spicy Chicken with Pineapple, Black Beans and Rice

Cooking Tip: Any time you marinade your chicken or meat and use an acidic ingredient (the most common one would be vinegar), you have to limit how long you allow the marinade to sit on the chicken or meat because the acid will actually start cooking it and will create a toughness that negates the point of using a marinade. Here, the acid comes from the pineapple and also from the yogurt (the yogurt is acidic regardless of it containing pineapple).