Our Weekend Camping Trip

Our Weekend Camping Trip

We spent this past weekend out in the woods. Just George, myself and Bruiser. I was planning to write an article giving you a primer on camping. You know - what you should pack, what equipment you should buy and what activities you can plan. I decided that was far too rigid for the way that I was feeling coming back from such a rejuvenating weekend out in the woods. Instead, I want to talk a little bit about why George and I love getting away into nature.

The woods have a way of putting everything into perspective. First of all, I could never create such beauty no matter what vision I might have for a space. Second of all, they're real. When you've lived a little, you start to see the arbitrariness in a lot of things. Why we do this but we don't do that, the distinctions and rules we make up in our heads. When you're just dealing in "real", (i.e. how are we going to stay warm enough to sleep outside when it is going down to 31 degrees tonight or how do we start a fire to cook our food when everything is wet) it puts things in perspective. And I think most importantly, not only does “roughing it” put the daily things that you worry about into perspective, it also makes you appreciate things, each other, everything. We love being out in nature for its beauty and for its reset on the way we think about things, but we also love the way that it makes us appreciate all that we have when we return home.

I read something recently about a documentary following the hikers that took the journeys that a man had planned for himself but had never ventured out upon before his untimely death. I have my own personal experience with this sort of tragedy. My father passed away when I was sixteen years old and while he had quite the portfolio of adventures under his belt, he never managed to get that log cabin that I watched him sketch floor plans for over and over again. I still have his drawings and holding the knowledge that my beloved dad never got to have his log cabin pains me very deeply. So deeply, that the first home I purchased was a log home - I knew that me owning a log cabin would have made him proud. So, I found and bought a log cabin (in New Jersey of all places).

My father's horribly untimely death (aren't they all untimely) really taught me a lot of lessons that have stuck with me, not the least of which is living your life to its fullest. I’ve mentioned before that George and I plan to purchase a home in the mountains someday. We don't know when it's going to happen, we see a path to make it happen and we just know that it is going to happen.

I'm not suggesting that we all mindlessly leave our jobs, create financial insecurity for ourselves or behave recklessly. I'm actually suggesting the opposite. Maybe we work those long hard hours with a goal for ourselves in mind. Maybe we think long and hard about what we really want from our lives, what success actually means to you. I'm defining my own success. And if we can wake up every morning in god's country like this, well, let's just put it this way - no one is going to stop us from making that happen.

And that is what this website is all about. It's true, I love creating spaces and think that everyone's life could improve a little by expressing themselves in the spaces in which they spend most of their time. That is a passion of mine that I feel very deeply about (even when setting up a campsite). What I care about even more though is maybe reaching someone out there and making them realize that they too can share their passions with the world in their daily existence. So while I'm always flattered by compliments on our home and inspiring others to express themselves in their styling, it's a little bigger than that. Just a little. Dream big because there is seriously nothing stopping you from doing just that. And once you stop yourself from dreaming, you can forget about ever getting "there." Think beyond next month's budget, dream big and figure out how to make it all a reality. 

So for now, that is about all for our simple little camping trip. I'll be sure to post a meatier article with actual camping advice and tips in the spring so that you can prepare for your trip, should you dare. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see some daily shots of our little life. Until the next time!