Letters to Baby

Letters to Baby

Something that I am doing for our baby is writing the little one a letter once a week from now until we get to meet him or her. There are so many questions running through my head as I endeavor on this journey of becoming a mom. I will be 33 years old when this blessing is born, not too young, not too old, lots of adventures had and still lots to come. And having had to be patient for this time to come, I have a special perspective in looking forward to holding this baby in my arms.

All of the nausea that I've experienced, all of the aches and pains and all of them that are still to come, they make me feel like the luckiest person in the world. I am putting so much thought into the world that I am going to help to form for my first baby and about the type of mom that I am going to be, the things that I am going to teach our child and the things that I won't.

So, I want my baby to know that. When he or she is old enough, I'll give him or her these letters and maybe even though I'll have surely made so many mistakes, my child will have these letters and see how deeply I cared and how much thought I gave to the decisions I made, wrong or right.

I don't think it would ever be too late to write your baby some letters (even if they are already out of the house and on their own), it just so happens that I thought about it now so I'm going to take the opportunity to write some letters before I get to kiss my baby's sweet face. Take a look at the notecards I put together to make them extra special.

I chose a Chateau Noir scrapbooking paper, used victorian edged scissors to cut each sheet in half (edging all around), folded each half sheet in half to create a card and punched five holes at the bottom of each card. I weaved a ribbon through the holes in the front and then a separate ribbon through the holes in the back. Once I am done writing the note, I will tie the ribbons shut on each side of the card. A special little message that will be opened years from now. So simple, but something special.

Thank you for stopping by to take a peak into my heart today! I would love if you shared this idea with an expecting friend or gave it a try yourself - you don't have to be pregnant to do something similar! Let me know what you think! Remember to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest and that you can read me in the Apple News format. Until the next time!

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