Styling with the Pioneer Woman

Styling with the Pioneer Woman

I guess that you could say that it is now tradition for my sister to gift me with my china. It began with the set she bought me when I graduated from college. This was longer ago than I would like to admit (12 years?!?). After my graduation ceremony, we went back to my apartment and I unwrapped these two gorgeous black and gold trunks. I was thrilled. Then she told me to open them. Inside the trunks was the china set that I would end up using to this day – a complete set of 8 green-edged dinner plates, bowls and mugs. They've filled my cabinets ever since.

I am one of those annoying people that likes to figure out what I am getting for Christmas or my birthday. I like to examine the shape and touch and prod before opening to get in my final guess. It should have been a dead giveaway for me when a few days before this Christmas my sister nonchalantly asked, “do you still use those plates that I got you?”

I should have really known that we were getting new china when the first gift George and I opened from my sister and brother-in-law was a new wonderfully turquoise blue trunk. This one I guessed before we opened. After all, it is hard to disguise the shape of a lovely trunk (I love trunks, have I mentioned this?). Instead of filling the trunk with the plates though, she next handed me and George two large heavy boxes and told us to go ahead and open them. We seriously had no idea what they were. They were very heavy.

Lo and behold, there sitting before us in the mess of Christmas wrappings was a complete set of Pioneer Woman Paige dinnerware china!!! And even better, in denim!

I have to be honest, I have been feeling extremely under the weather ever since the holidays happened (which is very out of the ordinary for me) so I have not done to well at putting away our new loot. However, George and I were both determined to get the new china in our cabinets right away because we were so excited to be able to use it.

The Pioneer Woman Paige china has a lot of really great attributes that we really love, not the least of which is how it looks. The china isn't our first experience with Pioneer Woman. Also on the table are our Pioneer Woman Adeline glass goblets. We have had these for a couple of years now and use them for everything from water to wine. We have them in both turquoise and plum (turquoise photographed). They've been such a hit in our house that my sister has started a collection of goblets for herself. These are heavy-duty glasses that make you feel like you are drinking something special. And because of that, we use them for breakfast, lunch and dinner - why use anything else? I'm serious. And knock on wood, unlike any other glass I have ever owned, we have not broken a single one of these goblets.

Back to the china. Each box comes with four dinner plates, four bowls and four bread/saucer plates. My sister, also known as Santa Claus, got us two boxes, so we have a complete set of eight. The color is absolutely gorgeous. It has the quality of feeling high-end but down-home at the same time. My favorite part of the plates besides the beautiful raised details is definitely the weight. Some people like the light sort of china. Me, personally, I like picking up a plate and knowing that we mean business. These guys are heavy.

The china has a crackle glaze which adds a nice detail and feel to the set. I love that the edges of the china aren't just simply round. How fun are these?

The china is microwave and dishwasher safe. We have done both. The only thing I'll mention that is noteworthy if you have limited cabinet space is that because of the bowl's flat-bottom design and tulip-neck edges, they don't nest into each other perfectly. For us, this didn't matter because we cleared out enough space in the cabinets and I actually really like the fact that these aren't cookie-cutter china that nest perfectly. We'll call it character.

We've used our new china exclusively since receiving it and although I was too nostalgic to retire the old china that my sister got me from our main cabinets, I have a feeling that the Pioneer Woman goods are going to be getting quite the work-out. We give the Pioneer Woman a 10 out of 10 for beauty and functionality and would recommend it to anyone looking for new china with a personality. I can eat a slice of pizza on a plate in bed (I know, I am a bad person) or serve a fancy meal on these bad boys. Good stuff.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about our Pioneer Woman china and I am so glad that you stopped by! Remember that you can follow me on Instagram and Pinterest and also that you can read me in the Apple News Format – Authentic Living Digest. Until the next time!

P.S. I used the new tripod that George got me for Christmas to take these shots – my people know what I love, right?!

* This was an unsolicited post. And as always, all opinions rendered are completely mine.


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