Welcome To Our Home: Fall Home Tour 2016

Welcome To Our Home: Fall Home Tour 2016

I’m the first one to admit that I am a little nosy and always wonder what the inside of people’s houses look like. I remember being driven around when I was a little kid and I would imagine what a house we passed might look like inside: did it have a foyer? was the formal dining room being used? was the master bedroom upstairs? Okay, so I have always been a weirdo, I’ll own that. With the advent of the internet, people like me can not only tour other people’s homes to our hearts’ content, but we can share our homes too – and that makes my heart happy. So, without further ado, grab a drink (hot or cold) and come join us for a visit of our Fall home!


This year, I decided to only use Fall décor that I really love. This is a decision I’ve made that goes beyond Fall and applies to decorating our home more generally. That said, because I always fully invest myself, over the last few weeks, I’ve developed a very severe addiction to buying white pumpkins and sadly, was unable to locate any large ones for our home. Alas, the thirty or so white minis under our roof will have to do. Rather than using a lot of “Fall-colored” or “themed” items, I decided to be a little more subtle and go natural. 

I, like millions of others out there, LOVE this time of year. Us “Fall people” love it because of the pumpkins, the cozy and the feelings of gratitude that all of it invokes. Those cold crisp nights, those trips to the corn mazes, those gallons of pumpkin spice flavored coffee – they are all better when you get to come home to and get to curl up in a cozy house under a soft blanket.  To get a Fall “feel,” I decorated with real pumpkins (there are a few artificial ones mixed in), gourds, fresh flowers and fresh greenery. These items mixed with lots of candles and lots of blankets around the place really capture “Fall” for us. Using green for our Fall décor was a new thing for me this year and I love it. First of all, the green offsets all of the orange and white in such a beautiful way but more importantly, isn’t this season about appreciating the abundance of earth? Bringing nature into our home this season became my “theme.” And really, this will never go out of style and I love the way that it looks.

Here is our living room.

I painted a piece of paper and placed a couple of red artificial leaves in this frame that sits on our coffee table. I'll probably switch to real leaves once I can find any that have turned red! 

I had to have these foxes when I saw them at Homegoods, they reminded me of George, myself and Bruiser and just fit into the whole feel of the season.

While I kept the living room to “touches of Fall,” I did not hold back in our dining room space.

The dining room is where you normally have the big holiday feast and I think it is the perfect place to really showcase your décor.  Like the rest of our house, the dining room is mainly decorated with things from the earth. 

I really wanted a “wow” table but still managed to stick with natural. Throwing a couple of pillows on the chairs and a blanket too, that never hurts the “cozy” feel.

In honor of all of the pumpkins I scavenged this year, I flipped over a word art sign that I normally have leaning on the wall of our buffet and got a little creative with some chalk.  I can wipe this clean when the season is over and likely it will transition to Christmas.

The touches of Fall continue in our kitchen.

I kept it very simple upstairs, but continued the Fall feelings.

The guest room has fresh Fall flowers and some touches of the season to make our guests feel cozy.

Our bedroom is one of our favorite rooms in the house because it is such a comfortable place to hang out and we love the view of the trees from our windows (our house faces the woods). I’ll be writing an article about our bedroom soon but for now, here are some views of how we have styled it for the season.

I moved some pieces from around our house during the Fall-styling process. Normally, the silver peacock that sits atop our china cabinet now would be adorning my jewelry stand.  Instead, I moved some red pieces up to our room to really emphasize the warmth and cozy that our red bedroom already has. 

The grand total of all the live flowers and greenery shown in the photos was $14! I lovveee our local farmer's market. The pumpkins came from a bunch of different places, but mainly from the local farmer's market and a local family-owned farmstand. Since it is early in the season, I'm sure our pumpkin family will grow! 

We hope that you’ve enjoyed touring our Fall home, we’ve certainly enjoyed having you! Come again soon!

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