All in Spring

New Season in Our Lives, Same Style Though

One of the reasons that I started this blog was I felt in myself and with talking to other people a disconnect between the person you truly are versus the person you put out into the world. This really manifests itself quite a bit in your personal style. Your style is kind of your way of saying β€œhey world, this is what I like.” You do this with the way you decorate your home and the way you present yourself with the clothes and accessories that you wear.

Spring Refresh in the Dining Room

To make the daffodil arrangements, I filled two special vessels with floral foam and Spanish moss. A trick with arranging faux florals in foam is to use a wire cutter and separate each stem - that way you are free to arrange naturally. I chose an antique crystal pedestal and my Grandma's old bread-rising pot as my vessels. The baby's breath is in different glass bottles and I love how that simple flower fills in the space. One of my favorite finds from Michaels is the little green wreath on the cabinet knobs.