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Our Deep Blue Living Room, And Why We Love It.

Do I think that this color would work for everyone? No. It happened to enhance our style.  I think the lesson to take from this is that if you want to, you should try using color, color that you really love.  Maybe something that takes a bit of bravery to start rolling onto your walls. If you love something dramatic, give it a shot.  You can always paint over it.  Really.  Its true. 

Transforming Our Kitchen: Step By Step Guide to How We Painted Our Cabinets

Also, and I'll say this every time that I talk about selecting a paint color, when in doubt, go with a paint name you like. “Snowy Pine” for the white cabinets of the girl that grew up in snow-ridden upstate New York and who loves the woods – thumbs up. As simplistically as I can break this down now, the truth is that the selection of “white” could have turned into a real fiasco had he let me have at it. George knows me so well.