All in Living Room

Holiday Home Tour 2016: A Traditional Winter Wonderland Living Room

While colored lights on the tree honestly would not have been my first choice, I accepted the challenge because that was important to George. I call it a challenge because photographing a tree with colored lights is really truly a challenge! It reminds him of being a kid at Christmas so how could you deny someone of that? Besides, I have plenty of white lights everywhere else. It is hard to capture in a photograph, the warmth that the tree really does put off. I did my best though. Underneath the tree is the tree skirt that George and I bought the first year that we were together. We have had a live tree together every single year that we have known each other - it is one of our favorite traditions (you can read about this tree by going to the article before this one on the design page). I wrapped a sheer gold lace fabric around the base of the tree itself. On top of the skirt I placed two red plaid pillows and beside the tree sits an old vintage mechanical Santa Claus.

Rearranging Our Living Room Furniture

That is about all for now. One final tip: whenever you rearrange the furniture in a room, keep stepping back to take a peak at how it looks from every vantage point - including sitting in the furniture itself to see how it feels in its new position. If you do this, you can make little adjustments as your making the move so you don't have to redo the whole thing after you've done all of the heavy lifting. In the coming weeks, I'm going to be switching out Fall to welcome in Christmas so that I can incorporate some ideas that can hopefully give you some inspiration in your own homes. Before that happens though, I have to do some shifting in other areas of the house to prepare for the trees. I have a huge smile on my face right now.

Our Deep Blue Living Room, And Why We Love It.

Do I think that this color would work for everyone? No. It happened to enhance our style.  I think the lesson to take from this is that if you want to, you should try using color, color that you really love.  Maybe something that takes a bit of bravery to start rolling onto your walls. If you love something dramatic, give it a shot.  You can always paint over it.  Really.  Its true.