All in Holiday Home Tour 2016

Holiday Home Tour 2016: Our Cozy Christmas Den

Unlike the rest of our house where we kind of get things bare before we start adding Christmas, our den is our "collection space" and we don't really want to do that in there. So because of that, we just add a few Christmas touches here and there to give it a cozy feel and also too add to the vintage vibe that is already happening. I strung up three old paper Christmas decorations that my mom used to hang in our house at Christmastime when I was growing up. We added a Christmas blanket and pillow to the papisan chair and we placed some of our favorite childhood Christmas books out on display on the bench in front of our shelves. Cozy is the name of the game in the den.

Holiday Home Tour 2016: A Traditional Winter Wonderland Living Room

While colored lights on the tree honestly would not have been my first choice, I accepted the challenge because that was important to George. I call it a challenge because photographing a tree with colored lights is really truly a challenge! It reminds him of being a kid at Christmas so how could you deny someone of that? Besides, I have plenty of white lights everywhere else. It is hard to capture in a photograph, the warmth that the tree really does put off. I did my best though. Underneath the tree is the tree skirt that George and I bought the first year that we were together. We have had a live tree together every single year that we have known each other - it is one of our favorite traditions (you can read about this tree by going to the article before this one on the design page). I wrapped a sheer gold lace fabric around the base of the tree itself. On top of the skirt I placed two red plaid pillows and beside the tree sits an old vintage mechanical Santa Claus.

Holiday Home Tour 2016: A Rustic Traditional Christmas Dining Room

Our Christmas dining room has just the feel that we wanted - rustic, snowy and with Christmas magic. We accomplished that with a lot of random items and a lot of tradition too. The china on the table from one of my grandmothers and some vintage ornaments in the cabinet from my other grandmother. The nutcrackers that my mom has collected for us on the buffet. All of the white greenery set the rustic wintry backdrop for the other items that tell a Christmas story.

Holiday Home Tour 2016: A Winter Wonderland Master Bedroom

As cozy as the room is during the day - it is even cozier at night with all of the little white lights glowing all around us. Decorating our master bedroom (aside from the whole "in November thing") was a whole lot of fun and I love the finished product. Going to sleep with the glow of white lights on the Christmas tree is all the much cozier from your bedroom than on the couch. It just makes sense to add the cozy feel of the holidays to one of the coziest rooms in our house.