All in Dining Room

Styling with the Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman Paige china has a lot of really great attributes that we really love, not the least of which is how it looks. The china isn't our first experience with Pioneer Woman. Also on the table are our Pioneer Woman Adeline glass goblets. We have had these for a couple of years now and use them for everything from water to wine. We have them in both turquoise and plum (turquoise photographed). They've been such a hit in our house that my sister has started a collection of goblets for herself. These are heavy-duty glasses that make you feel like you are drinking something special. And because of that, we use them for breakfast, lunch and dinner - why use anything else? I'm serious. And knock on wood, unlike any other glass I have ever owned, we have not broken a single one of these goblets.

Holiday Home Tour 2016: A Rustic Traditional Christmas Dining Room

Our Christmas dining room has just the feel that we wanted - rustic, snowy and with Christmas magic. We accomplished that with a lot of random items and a lot of tradition too. The china on the table from one of my grandmothers and some vintage ornaments in the cabinet from my other grandmother. The nutcrackers that my mom has collected for us on the buffet. All of the white greenery set the rustic wintry backdrop for the other items that tell a Christmas story.

An Earth Inspired Thanksgiving Tablescape

I don't really think there is a way to screw up a Thanksgiving tablescape that is filled with the things you love and that mean “thankulness” to you! For us, this meant blending lots of elements from nature while adding a bit of rustic glam. We hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving whether you are hosting it at your home or going somewhere else – either way, may you spend it with loved ones. This will be my last fall article of the season as we prepare to share our home for the Christmas holiday season. Please remember you can catch daily glimpses of our life by following me on Instagram. You can also stay up to date by reading our articles in the Apple News format. Thank you for stopping by and until the next time!