All in Den

Holiday Home Tour 2016: Our Cozy Christmas Den

Unlike the rest of our house where we kind of get things bare before we start adding Christmas, our den is our "collection space" and we don't really want to do that in there. So because of that, we just add a few Christmas touches here and there to give it a cozy feel and also too add to the vintage vibe that is already happening. I strung up three old paper Christmas decorations that my mom used to hang in our house at Christmastime when I was growing up. We added a Christmas blanket and pillow to the papisan chair and we placed some of our favorite childhood Christmas books out on display on the bench in front of our shelves. Cozy is the name of the game in the den.

A Quintessential Den and Why You Need One Immediately.

So here we were, moving into a new place together with boxes of all of these collections.  It was padded by the fact that George had collected a lot of items from his childhood home before this move, so we had even more of this stuff.  A lot of it had been previously displayed in the husband's man cave in the basement, space we were losing with our move.  I have to be honest, I wasn't ever really contemplating putting photos of Spiderman in the living room just because there would be no basement.  What to do.....