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How we Customized our House with Spray Paint. Part One: Light Fixtures

My hope for this article is that you can start thinking about some big changes you can make in your own home without spending very much money at all. In fact, the grand total for re-doing all four of these lights was about $20 TOTAL! It can be done. We do it all of the time. And it is actually very, very fun to do this stuff. We hang a new light that we worked on and we just stare at it for a few minutes, proud of our work.

Holiday Home Tour 2016: A Rustic Traditional Christmas Dining Room

Our Christmas dining room has just the feel that we wanted - rustic, snowy and with Christmas magic. We accomplished that with a lot of random items and a lot of tradition too. The china on the table from one of my grandmothers and some vintage ornaments in the cabinet from my other grandmother. The nutcrackers that my mom has collected for us on the buffet. All of the white greenery set the rustic wintry backdrop for the other items that tell a Christmas story.

Transforming Our Kitchen: Step By Step Guide to How We Painted Our Cabinets

Also, and I'll say this every time that I talk about selecting a paint color, when in doubt, go with a paint name you like. “Snowy Pine” for the white cabinets of the girl that grew up in snow-ridden upstate New York and who loves the woods – thumbs up. As simplistically as I can break this down now, the truth is that the selection of “white” could have turned into a real fiasco had he let me have at it. George knows me so well.