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Styling Baby Boy's Space. Creating a Nursery in the Master Bedroom.

I didn't really know what I was going to do but I had the idea of attaching greenery to circles and had no idea what that would end up meaning. First stop in the store I found this awesome sprig of artificial evergreen. I knew that I would be able to cut it apart and use it for the whimsical greenery that I wanted. So then I was on the hunt for something round and I came upon the grapevine wreath aisle - PERFECT! I was thinking I was going to have to go with embroidery hoops but this turned out so much better. They already have such a natural rustic feel to them.

Spring Refresh in the Dining Room

To make the daffodil arrangements, I filled two special vessels with floral foam and Spanish moss. A trick with arranging faux florals in foam is to use a wire cutter and separate each stem - that way you are free to arrange naturally. I chose an antique crystal pedestal and my Grandma's old bread-rising pot as my vessels. The baby's breath is in different glass bottles and I love how that simple flower fills in the space. One of my favorite finds from Michaels is the little green wreath on the cabinet knobs.

Master Bedroom Nursery Combo Design Options

I am starting to hit the "oh my god, where are we going to put all of this crap" stage of pregnancy. Between the glider and things that my mom has given us, I am ready to start, what do they call that? Nesting. I am well aware that there is going to be a new sheriff in town in a few months and I am not going to be able to have things just the way that I am used to, but I am not going to let that stop me from at least attempting to make our spaces comfortable.

Hunt for the Perfect Crib: Best Gray Cribs with Vintage Elegance

This is very exciting. I've been doing some online browsing for cribs and have compiled some of the top picks below. All of these cribs have a few things in common: 1.) They are all gray. 2.) They have a vibe of what I am calling "vintage elegance." 3.) They are all convertible. Meaning, they all have the ability to grow with baby. Some convert into toddler and daybeds and most also convert into a full-size bed when it is time for that. (Crazy!) 4.) This may be the best common factor - they are all under $400.00.  Truth be told, my favorites are under $300.00 but I wanted to show you a range.

Holiday Home Tour 2016: Our Cozy Christmas Den

Unlike the rest of our house where we kind of get things bare before we start adding Christmas, our den is our "collection space" and we don't really want to do that in there. So because of that, we just add a few Christmas touches here and there to give it a cozy feel and also too add to the vintage vibe that is already happening. I strung up three old paper Christmas decorations that my mom used to hang in our house at Christmastime when I was growing up. We added a Christmas blanket and pillow to the papisan chair and we placed some of our favorite childhood Christmas books out on display on the bench in front of our shelves. Cozy is the name of the game in the den.

Holiday Home Tour 2016: A Traditional Winter Wonderland Living Room

While colored lights on the tree honestly would not have been my first choice, I accepted the challenge because that was important to George. I call it a challenge because photographing a tree with colored lights is really truly a challenge! It reminds him of being a kid at Christmas so how could you deny someone of that? Besides, I have plenty of white lights everywhere else. It is hard to capture in a photograph, the warmth that the tree really does put off. I did my best though. Underneath the tree is the tree skirt that George and I bought the first year that we were together. We have had a live tree together every single year that we have known each other - it is one of our favorite traditions (you can read about this tree by going to the article before this one on the design page). I wrapped a sheer gold lace fabric around the base of the tree itself. On top of the skirt I placed two red plaid pillows and beside the tree sits an old vintage mechanical Santa Claus.

Holiday Home Tour 2016: A Rustic Traditional Christmas Dining Room

Our Christmas dining room has just the feel that we wanted - rustic, snowy and with Christmas magic. We accomplished that with a lot of random items and a lot of tradition too. The china on the table from one of my grandmothers and some vintage ornaments in the cabinet from my other grandmother. The nutcrackers that my mom has collected for us on the buffet. All of the white greenery set the rustic wintry backdrop for the other items that tell a Christmas story.

Rearranging Our Living Room Furniture

That is about all for now. One final tip: whenever you rearrange the furniture in a room, keep stepping back to take a peak at how it looks from every vantage point - including sitting in the furniture itself to see how it feels in its new position. If you do this, you can make little adjustments as your making the move so you don't have to redo the whole thing after you've done all of the heavy lifting. In the coming weeks, I'm going to be switching out Fall to welcome in Christmas so that I can incorporate some ideas that can hopefully give you some inspiration in your own homes. Before that happens though, I have to do some shifting in other areas of the house to prepare for the trees. I have a huge smile on my face right now.

Our Deep Blue Living Room, And Why We Love It.

Do I think that this color would work for everyone? No. It happened to enhance our style.  I think the lesson to take from this is that if you want to, you should try using color, color that you really love.  Maybe something that takes a bit of bravery to start rolling onto your walls. If you love something dramatic, give it a shot.  You can always paint over it.  Really.  Its true. 

A Gathered Stairway Gallery Wall

I hung our cast iron dutch oven campfire rod to add some vertical interest. I placed a couple of fresh fall sprigs across the light fixture and two mini white pumpkins atop the little candelabras to add a dimensional element and finish off the space. The light fixture is an actual working fixture but is not connected to electricity at the moment. It was the first item that George and I bought together when we made updates to our first home together and we brought it with us when we moved here. Some really simple additions that tell a little bit of our story, represent us and also flow with our style and up the stairway.

A Quintessential Den and Why You Need One Immediately.

So here we were, moving into a new place together with boxes of all of these collections.  It was padded by the fact that George had collected a lot of items from his childhood home before this move, so we had even more of this stuff.  A lot of it had been previously displayed in the husband's man cave in the basement, space we were losing with our move.  I have to be honest, I wasn't ever really contemplating putting photos of Spiderman in the living room just because there would be no basement.  What to do.....