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Styling with the Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman Paige china has a lot of really great attributes that we really love, not the least of which is how it looks. The china isn't our first experience with Pioneer Woman. Also on the table are our Pioneer Woman Adeline glass goblets. We have had these for a couple of years now and use them for everything from water to wine. We have them in both turquoise and plum (turquoise photographed). They've been such a hit in our house that my sister has started a collection of goblets for herself. These are heavy-duty glasses that make you feel like you are drinking something special. And because of that, we use them for breakfast, lunch and dinner - why use anything else? I'm serious. And knock on wood, unlike any other glass I have ever owned, we have not broken a single one of these goblets.

A Quintessential Den and Why You Need One Immediately.

So here we were, moving into a new place together with boxes of all of these collections.  It was padded by the fact that George had collected a lot of items from his childhood home before this move, so we had even more of this stuff.  A lot of it had been previously displayed in the husband's man cave in the basement, space we were losing with our move.  I have to be honest, I wasn't ever really contemplating putting photos of Spiderman in the living room just because there would be no basement.  What to do.....