About Authentic Living Digest

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines authentic as "real or genuine : not copied or false." 

Here at Authentic Living Digest, we believe that life should be well-lived.  It should be filled with beautiful moments and surroundings.  Authentic Living Digest is about seeing the potential.  The potential in yourself. In your dreams. In your life. And to have an authentic life, I think this begins at the most basic level - like your home (i.e. the place where you wake up, return after work and go to bed at night), the people you surround yourself with and how you spend your time. 

Again and again it has been show that your environment impacts you, perhaps immeasurably. Authentic Living Digest wants to inspire you to push the envelope and think outside the box, so that your life represents you. To live authentically or in other words, to live a life that is yours, not one that is "copied or false." That, we think, just might be the key to not only your success, but your happiness too. 

Authentic Living Digest is a collection of articles written to inspire you to make your life beautiful - a life that reflects the best parts of you.

Laurie Myers is the founder and creator of Authentic Living Digest.  In addition to Laurie's passion for interior styling and all things home, Laurie is a practicing attorney and professor.  Laurie lives with her husband George and their dog Bruiser in Marlton, New Jersey.